Kenwood Dog Park

5 Dog Parks Around DTSP

Dogphrendly and are bringing another guide for dog-lovers to DTSP. This time we are taking you to the 5 dog parks around our corner of Pinellas County.

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The first park we’ll visit is Coquina Key Park.

Coquina Key Dog Park

3595 Locust St. SE.

St. Petersburg, Florida 33705


  • Coquina Key is in a neat location, through a residential neighborhood on the edge of the bay.
  • There is a covered table in a little pavilion, good for those surprise showers in this city.
  • Cool Oak Tree in the center


  • Far from everything else in St. Pete.
  • Small park
  • Few parking spots

My take: it’s worthwhile if this is your neighborhood park, but not much of a destination.

Next up is Lake Vista Dog Park at the Lake Vista Recreation Center.

Lake Vista Dog Park

1401 62nd Ave. S.

St. Petersburg, Florida 33705


  • Lots of parking
  • Huge park
  • Dog washing station
  • Solar-powered phone-charging station


  • Not exactly in downtown
  • There are alligators in the lake…so just keep your dogs out of the water

My take: great park with nice amenities

Let’s head a little north to Kenwood Dog Park.

Kenwood Dog Park

401 20th St. N.

St. Petersburg, Florida 33713


  • Another great example of how well this city is managed.
  • They took an underutilized resource and turned into a community activity center
  • Small and big dog areas, well-maintained
  • Lots of shade


  • You’ll feel the cars going by above you, to the left of you, and to the right of you.
  • I personally felt claustrophobic in this narrow park with cars zinging by.

My take: try it out, if you and your dog like it: great. If you’re more like me, try the next two parks.

A few more blocks north and east you’ll get to Crescent Lake Park.

Crescent Lake Dog Park

1320 5th St. N.

St. Petersburg, Florida 33704


  • Beautiful neighborhood
  • Washing station
  • Solar-powered phone-charging station
  • Plenty of benches and shade
  • Feels like a neighborhood place


  • Scant street parking

My take: love this park, we’ll be back.

Saving the best for last, we go to the Old Northeast Neighborhood, directly behind the Vinoy Condominiums and Vinoy Park we find the North Shore Dog Park.

North Shore Dog Park

901 North Shore Dr. NE.

St. Petersburg, Florida 33701


  • Huge park
  • Social atmosphere
  • Washing station
  • Lots of benches and shade
  • Time-Out corner
  • Solar-powered phone-charging station
  • Proximity to Tampa Bay, walking paths, and Beach Ave.


  • Can get muddy

My take: This park has all the best amenities and best location. It is the best representation of St. Pete.

Kenwood Dog Park

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